A Start

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Hi, there!!

I’m going to start writing a blog.
I’m going to TRY to make the reading as fascinating as my late friend Tom Marsilje did –before his unfortunate death of colon cancer.

My writing will be vastly different. You see: I’m not an active cancer patient and professional scientist.

Tom deeply believed in helping others as generously as he could….and he lived a lifetime of SERVICE.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift.

The purpose of life is to give it away.”


Tom was in his early 40’s, but he had already packed in a deep lifetime of drug discovery science, cancer learning, family raising, and influence-generating………in fact, he had a worldwide influence that most people never experience. There were many of us in his cancer community that had decided that he virtually never slept, because there were so many thousands of people from around the world that felt that they were his best friends BECAUSE OF HIS ACCESSIBILITY through his blog writing.

Tom was a Hero, and he continues to be my inspiration for the patient leadership that I attempt to live.

The artwork below is original. A friend of mine gave it to me on my last birthday. “I don’t know how you can use this,” she said, “but I’ll bet that something will come to you.”

Touched by the gesture and moved by the art, my plan is to – indeed – use patient art as a strategy for bringing awareness to our lives lived as “impatient” patients.

We are impatient because we want the world to SEE us, as we are…..

More to come.

What do you think that this captures?

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